Barrister babu 14 October : Will Durga maa help Anirudh to meet Bondita?

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh overhears two priests talking that someone has bought 8 Handia Almond Rasgulo, due to which the offerings of Durga Maa’s bhog have not come. Anirudh remembers that Bondita wished that when she went to Kolkata, she will eat 8 handies of Rasgulo.

Anirudh feels relieved that at least he gets a clue of Bondita’s existence and he thanks Mother Durga for this. Anirudh goes after the sweetmaker. He gives sweets to Tara. Bondita feels like eating sweets and her mouth starts dripping. Tara gives her sweets. Bondita says that she cannot eat without offering it to God. Anirudh also reaches Heera Mandi.

Bondita asks Tara where is the temple here. Anirudh searches for Bondita. Tara says all the girls are mother Durga in her place. Bondita says then she will share sweets with everyone. Bondita gives sweets to everyone. Anirudh found Rasiya’s address so that she can help him a bit. Bondita sees that Suraiya is injured and she takes turmeric for her and applies it to her injuries for her. Suraiya is happy and decides to give her a gift instead. Bondita says that she only wants to meet Gandhiji. Tara notices Anirudh. Turmeric falls from Bondita’s hand to Anirudh, he remembers Bondita.

Anirudh notices Rasiya. He asks for help from her. Rasiya asks him to leave. Bondita wants to see what is happening outside. Tara stops her. Rasiya tells Anirudh to leave. When Tara comes to know that Anirudh, Bondita’s husband is here, her senses go away and she decides not to allow Anirudh to reach Bondita. Anirudh asks for help from the police but they misunderstand him. Anirudh thinks that he has to reach Bondita with the help of Rasiya and he asks for her help. And tells her that he suspects that Bondita is trapped in the Heer mandi. Rasiya is surprised. Episode ended.

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