Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 October: Kartik, Naira welcome Kairav

At the beginning of the episode, Vansh entered the house shouting loudly. Everyone glanced at him. After a while, Naira noticed Kairav was missing. Then Naksh informed them that Kairav didn’t come with us. As he said he won’t come home unless and until Naira and Kartik come to take him. Naira and Kartik were about to leave, then suddenly Kairav came and surprised them. All the Goeankas rejoiced together on Kairav’s arrival. Kairav also bought a gift for his little sister.

Kripa was standing near the small baby Md playing with her. Suddenly Kairav noticed and pushed her back and said to stay away from the small baby as her clothes were. Little dirty. Kairav hinted Krishna as the new maid of the house. Kartik stopped Kairav and said to him not to call her a maid. Naira was trying to make an interaction between all the. Children including Krishna, but Kartik interrupted and said them to move towards the ceremony and complete it once.

Kairav was playing with her small sister sitting on the couch, and all the family members surround him and watching him. Then after slowly Krishna came and stood with them. Then Vansh and Kairav showed a gift which was they have bought for a small baby and Vatsal. Immediately Krishna also came forward and showed a mud toy that she made for the small baby. Before Naira’s reaction, Dadi interrupted and said them to go and rest.

In the room, Kartik shared Manish’s words with Naira and asked her not to introduce Krishna so quickly. But Naira was having a different thought. Dadi said Kirti to go and groom Naira and bring her downstairs. Here Naira was teaching Kartik how to change the diaper of the baby. Naira gets a little irritated and shouts at Kartik and then after she apologized for her rude behavior. Then Kirti came inside the room and started forcing Kartik to leave the room as she has to groom Naira. Before leaving Kartik secretly whispered and praised her for her beauty.

Episode end….

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