Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15 October : Rubina made a deal with Lal Jin

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni is saddened to think that she should have protected her child, but she tried to harass him and forgot about him. She apologizes to Armaan for this mistake. The eyes Roshni are moist. Aman tells Armaan that he should forgive Roshni as soon as possible as it will be good for him only otherwise Roshni will continue to harass him like this. Armaan gives her mother magic flowers to prove that he has forgiven her. Rehan comes there and demands a tonic that can send him back to his body.

Roshni gets confused after seeing all this because she has forgotten the things that happened earlier after being freed by black magic. He tells her the whole story from the beginning. Roshni remembers that Aman had changed his body with the magician, she asks if this is the same tonic. To which he says yes.

Aman gives them both the tonic but they drop it. Aman gets upset seeing this and asks the reason for the hurry. Natasha is disheartened to think that she will have to live in Rehan’s body for some more time and she doesn’t want it and cries. Aman pacifies him. Rehan says that every jin hunter has their master, then why shouldn’t they also get help from Natasha’s guru. And they go from there. Roshni laughs at them.

Rubina comes to Kala Jin’s cave and says that after 200 years, she has destroyed Kala Jin. Rubina muses on gaining her Ayana powers but has failed. Lal Jin says he can help her in lieu of a sword. Rubina is ready to give him a sword. Roshni sees Aman in her dream with another girl and scolds him for it. Natasha informs Rehan that they must marry to get her body.

Rubina asks for a sword but it does not come. Lal Jin tells that it will come to see Aman in trouble. Rubina tries to finds a solution. A girl chases Aman. Roshni catches her. The girl falls in Aman’s arm. Episode end.

Precap: Woman warns Aman about impending danger.

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