Anupamma 11th Aug : Devika comes and brings light moments.

Star Plus show Anupamaa Is bringing lots of twists and turns every day. As we saw in the previous episode that Anirudh comes which is not liked by Van. Ani shows that he and Kavya close. Kavya says to stop all this. Devika comes and brings change for the good. She reveals many things about Anu school life. Anu used to be a topper and how she used to hate cooking and also that she is a wonderful classical dancer. Kids are surprised to know this. Van is also like all new to hear this.

Now in today’s episode, we see Devika tells them even more about Anu’s school life that Anu once slapped a guy who was trying to be smart, Samar says he is proud of his mom. Devika calls Anu to sit with them to have dinner. Anu says she will but later. Van and Kavya talk romantically, he even sings for her to make her sleep, Ani comes and teases him. Van cuts the call and murmurs. Devika forces Anu to dance and kids also. Pakhi plays the song and Anu starts to dance on Hawa Hawai. Then the precap scene repeats about Anuj. Devika tells them that Anuj brought his mom’s Kangan but Anu didn’t come on Valentine’s Day.

Van is hearing all this and is a little jealous. Devika and Anu are in the kitchen and they talk. Anu comes in her room, Van is still awake. Van asks her friend is awake or sleeping. Van asks Anu that if he wasn’t there then Anu could have said yes to Anuj. Anu says she didn’t even talk with him. Van asks how was he? Anu says he concentrated on her studies and she loved only one person and that is none but Van, she is blushing. Episode ends.

For the next episode, Kavya comes to Shah’s house and Devika notices everything. Then she says to Anu, Van, and Kavya don’t share only colleagues or friendship bond its more something to which Anu firmly reacts and says No, she doesn’t want to hear anything about her hubby. Will Anu be able to find out? What are Ani’s intentions? To find out the answer.

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