Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11 Aug : Virat is worried about Heer

Today’s episode begins with Jharana who spout nonsense about Heer.  Jharana says that the boy likes Heer and Heer should date him.  This surprises everyone and the boy suggests to Jharana to keep quiet.  But Jharan continues to speak.  While replying to Jharan, Heer says that she no longer believes in love.  And Jharan should also be careful because Virat is not a good guy.  Virat gets angry with this and he tells everyone to focus on their work in anger. Jharana thinks that she has to go to the depths to know what the truth is and why Virat left Heer.

At Virat’s house, Sant asks Gurminder to talk to Virat and ask him to marry Jharana.  Gurminder says that this will not be right.  Parmeet says that if this is not right, then she should get Daljit’s second wife.  Daljit and Gurminder are shocked to hear this.  Daljit tells Gurminder that do what his mother is saying.  Sant says that she cannot become a mother, at least she can help them in this thing.  After that Sant and Daljit go away from there.  Parmeet tells Gurminder to stay here.  After a while, Parmeet arrives and fits the Mike into her clothes.  Gurminder asks for what?  Parmeet says because she wants to hear their conversion.

Shano is happy thinking that Soham will discover all the secrets today.  At the same time, Soham asks a man about Mahendra.  The man tells Soham everything and also tells how bad man Varun was.  After hearing such things about his father, Soham feels bad and he slaps the man.  The man asks why did he do this.  Soham says because Varun is his father.

On the other hand, Heer’s stomach starts hurting because of a chilly burger.  Virat and others get worried seeing her in pain.  Heer tells them to call Nutan and a girl calls Nutan and tells Nutan about Heer’s condition.  Jharana asks Virat if he feels guilty for Heer’s pain.  Virat says no.  Virat starts going from there and says that they should give glucose water to Heer, this will give her relief.  After saying this he goes away and Jharana follows him and starts questioning him about Heer. She asks why he is upset.  Virat says that why would he get upset for a eunuch, he is about to speak this thing but stops.  Then Jharana asks who is the eunuch?  At the same time, Nutan and Heer come there.  Virat turns the conversation around and says he was talking about Nutan.

Nutan takes Heer with her and gives her medicine. Heer starts vomiting. Nutan says she should not have eaten chili food at Virat’s request and Virat is not even worthy of her love.  Heer says that even when she sees Virat, she remembers everything and she cannot bear Virat’s hatred.  Nutan says she has to forget Virat.  Heer says that she will try her best and will not be vulnerable in front of Virat.

Then Virat comes there and asks how she is now.  Heer doesn’t want to answer.  Nutan says if he is asking then give a simple answer.  Virat says that he is asking only so that no one accuses him later.  Virat says that he is elated to see Heer and Nutan should take her with her to the world of eunuchs.  Then Virat starts going from there, Heer stops him and scolds him.  Virat says that he will expel Heer from college after 5 days.  Heer says what would he do if it didn’t happen?   Virat says he will leave college.  Heer says, then get ready to leave.  (Episode ends)

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