Anupamma 16 December 2020 Written Update – Kinjal and Paritosh shocked everyone

The episode starts with Rakhi who is crying and tells everyone that these people are all the time talking about values but their son makes her daughter run away with him. And now she doesn’t even know what they are doing. Lila asks her to stay silent for the sake of her daughter’s self-respect. Rakhi says she is only telling people the truth. She says this Vanraj himself is so colorful thus his son does this shameful act. Vanraj shouts at her and asks her to shut up. Rakhi didn’t listen to her and start speaking more ill about Shah’s. Anupama asks her to shut her mouth don’t go beyond her limits.

Rakhi asks the police to take Anupama with them. Lila says no, they can’t. Mamaji also comes forward and says how can they arrest Anupama like this. Police say Rakhi Dave file a case against Anupama thus they can. Vanraj says but Anupama did nothing wrong so she will not go. And if still, they want to take someone then take him. He adds but he will not go alone, he will come with his lawyer. That’s when Kinjal and Paritosh arrives.

Kinjal and Paritosh tell police that now they are married and they file their marriage with their own will. Police say to Rakhi that now they can’t do anything and they leave. Anupama says now they will have words at home only. Rakhi is about to slap Kinjal but Anupama holds her hand. Rakhi says how dare you. Why you trying to middling between them. Anupama says she is just middling in her bahu’s matter. She says that Rakhi did wrong as if she agreed to their marriage then they will never do this kind of act. Rakhi says she will soon take revenge and never let them enjoy a peaceful life. She goes. Rakhi says soon she will snatch everything from Anupama.

There Anupama welcomes Paritosh and Kinjal. Vanraj scolds her also Lila. Kinjal says if Lila doesn’t like her then she will leave. Paritosh says they will go together. Lila taunts him. Paritosh says Lila doesn’t want to support them but she wants to support Vanraj even after knowing his truth. He is about to leave with Kinjal but Anupama stops them. There, Kavya is thinking about Vanraj. She thinks where he is. While Anirudh comes to her and asks what are you doing my wife. Kavya says she is not his wife. Anirudh says legally she is. He adds that even Anupama is still Vanraj’s wife. He taunts her while she becomes upset. Otherside Anupama tries to make her family understand that they are also at fault so forgive Kinjal and Paritosh for their mistakes.

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