Shaadi Mubarak 16 December 2020 Written Update – Rati asks for Preeti’s help

The episode starts with Nandni call Preeti poor. She says look at your face it becomes pale. She asks if you afraid of losing KT. She adds if she starts loving him. She taunts her that her husband is not hers as he loves someone else which she will prove soon and if not then she will leave from here or else Preeti needs to leave as she is coming between them. Preeti says no it is not her who is coming between them she is the one who comes in between her and KT.

She says that Nandni will soon leave from here. Nandni says we will see. She then goes which Preeti looks at torn pictures. Her eyes become moist seeing it. KT comes and asks how this happened. He notices that Preeti is sad. He comes forward and says he will fix it. Preeti says there is no need. KT says he knows that Nandni did it and he will fix it because this is their wedding photograph.

He then starts fixing it and both share eye lock. Later Arjun is telling his stories to everyone. KT feels sad as he can’t spend Arjun’s childhood moments with him. Preeti asks KT don’t go off you can now spend some good moments with Arjun. She then suggests to every to-do a Christmas party for Arjun. Everyone likes this idea of Preeti. Arjun tells KT that Nandni always cooks their favorite chocolate truffle cake on the occasion of Christmas.

Nandni says and KT always ate all the cake before it’s served. KT says these are old moments and in the present Preeti will make a cake for them as Preeti told her that she cooks a fantastic cake. Preeti looks on. Arjun says no he will only eat Nandni’s handmade cake. KT says but he only eats Preeti’s handmade cake. He suggests doing a competition. Arjun says okay.

Neel asks Priyanka to come with him, he will drop her. Priyanka says no if she will go with him then people will talk behind their back. Neel asks her don’t worry about people only think about her happiness. Priyanka says fine let’s go. Preeti asks KT why he lied to everyone. KT says he only wants to defeat Nandni thus he did it. Both have a fight but then Preeti agrees to cook a cake for KT. KT becomes happy and leaves. Later Rati came to Preeti. She asks Preeti to do something for Tarun. Ask KT’s help for Tarun. Preeti says no to this. Rati becomes sad. While KT wants to gift Arjun a car. And Nandni and Rati joined their hand.

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