Kundali bhagya 17 December 2020 Written Update – Mahira wants to snatch Karan from Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Karan says like Preeta he too sleeps peacefully when he is alone in bed. Preeta says people who understand each other go on honeymoon but why us. Karan asks her not to worry as they try to understand each other on their honeymoon trip. While Srishti and Sameer are talking to each other. She is thinking about Karan and Preeta while Sameer thinks that she is talking about them.

Srishti clear his misunderstanding and says she was not talking about them and even why will she talk about them. Sameer asks if she doesn’t know about his feeling. Srishti says we are just friends even you don’t like me and all the time she asks you to stay away from me. She tells him about Pawan that how he used to follow her and still following her seems like he is not a scaredy-cat. Sameer she too is not a weakling. His mom asks him not to talk to her but he always talks to her and even supports her all the time. But he did these things at a right time but that does mean that he is afraid of someone. Srishti, ask him not to think that much. She hugs him which makes him smile and he holds her back.

Rakhi notices this. While Sameer too notices her. He put a drama in front of her saying that Srishti is crying thus he holds her. Rakhi asks Srishti not to cry as soon as Preeta and Karan’s marriage become successful. Srishti nods. Rakhi asks her to come with her she will drop her at her place. There Mahira is putting her stuff in her bag. Sherlyn asks her to be careful. Mahira asks not to worry as this time Kareena is with them so she will help them. Sherlyn makes her understand that they are going without telling anyone so if by chance someone gets to know about it they will be stuck in a hard situation and that is when even Kareena can’t able to help them. So it would be better if they take their steps carefully.

Mahira asks her to think positive. Sherlyn says look who is talking about positive things. Mahira asks if she lost her emotions too. Sherlyn then tells her about her and Prithvi’s story. Mahira says soon she takes Karan from Preeta and live happily with him. Otherside Karan is driving his car and notice Preeta’s smiling face. He feels good seeing her like this. Preeta wants her shawl as is cold. She opens her beg to get her shawl but accidentally a nightdress comes in her hand. She becomes shy and tells Karan that didn’t put it. Karan starts teasing her. While his car goes out of his control. Preeta taunts him for that.

He calls the mechanic who tells them that he will come after 1 hour. Karan asks Preeta to wait for him in Dabba. A man notices every step of them. He calls Mahira and tells her everything. Sherlyn says they will arrive at the hotel first and then they processed their plan. Both smiles.

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