Kumkum bhagya 17 December 2020 Written Update – Abhi is at gunpoint

At the beginning of the episode, Meera comes out of the mall. She notices that Abhi’s car is missing. She thinks that maybe they leave from here. That’s when Aliya call her. She asks her what happened. Meera says there are goons in the gold shop. She then notices the car of Abhi. She tells this thing to Aliya that Abhi and Riya are still in the gold shop. Aliya asks calm down, wait for her till she calls the police to inform them.

Police assure Aliya that their team leader Saho will arrest goons. While goons ask Pragya about the key. She says the keys are not with her but she can talk to Ramnik to get those keys. Goons say fine go to him. Ramnik says no he doesn’t want to have any word with Pragya. Abhi asks him to help him. Prachi is his daughter and if he wants and he will make his showroom high and even give him some money. Ramnik says fine. He goes behind Pragya. She asks him about keys.

Ramnik says no if they get keys they kill everyone. Pragya says this will never happen but if you don’t give me keys then I will tell them that keys are with you. Abhi and goons come there. Meantime Saho comes with the team. Ramnik asks Saho to help her. Meera asks him to save Abhi and Riya. Saho assures them that he will save everyone. While Abhi and Pragya have a verbal fight. Goons put their head at gunpoint.

While tells others that Saho came here with his team. Tony says if he will not get the keys then he will kill Abhi. Riya says maybe keys are with Ramnik. Tony asks her to get the keys for him or else he will shoot Abhi. Pragya says she will get it for them. They forbid and ask Prachi to do so. Prachi says fine she will do it. Tony says she only 5 min. Later Prachi came outside. Saho asks how she came. Prachi tells them everything. Saho asks about keys. He tells him about the keys. Later Aliya and Ranbir came. Ranbir create a mess. Saho asks the police to arrest him. While Prachi tells goons about keys.

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