Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update, Akshay saying to Khushi that Inspector showed the paper in which Prachi has signed as Ranbir’s wife. Khushi says even I was fooled and felt that they are husband and wife, but they are not married. Akshay asks why Prachi signed in the paper as Ranbir’s wife. Khushi says Police said they can’t release Ranbir until his wife or family member becomes Guarantor to release him so Prachi acted as Ranbir’s wife and saved Ranbir for me. Akshay feels elated and happily lifts Khushi. He thanks Khushi. Khushi asks what happened to him. Akshay says you’re my angel and you don’t know how much you make me feel happy. He says let’s go to them.

Prachi tells Ranbir that his first aid is done. Ranbir thanks her. Prachi says to keep your thanks with you but won’t fight in front of you. Ranbir asks how to handle it if wrong happens to Khushi. Prachi says she will handle it. Akshay and Khushi come there. Ranbir and Prachi think about how they become friends in a short time. They feel it’s Khushi’s mark. Akshay tells Ranbir that he is happy to see him get released. Ranbir thanks him and gives him hifi and hisses in pain. Khushi asks Prachi to drop them off. Ranbir and Khushi sit in Prachi’s car. Akshay asks Prachi to go and says he will follow him.

Dida asks Pallavi why she is preparing food in the early hours. Pallavi says she is tense. Dida asks if she talked to Ranbir. Pallavi says his phone is still off. On the way, Ranbir takes Prachi’s charger and charges his phone. He notices he has many missed calls from Pallavi. Prachi asks him to call her. Ranbir calls Pallavi. Pallavi attends Ranbir’s call and scolds him for not attending the call. Ranbir says his phone is off. Pallavi asks where is he. Ranbir says he is with a friend and returning home. While changing gear Prachi’s hand touches Ranbir. Both are lost in each other.

Laali thinks about how to pay 15k to the lawyer to release Balbir. She takes a gold chain of Khushi she got when she finds her and decides to sell it for money. Prachi stops the car near Laali’s house. Khushi wakes up and recalls how Laali warmed her to not return home. Ranbir says to Prachi that he will accompany her. Prachi says it’s not needed and I will handle Laali in my way so trust me. Ranbir says he trusts her. Akshay comes there and says he is on time to reach Prachi. Ranbir controls his jealousy thinking Akshay loves Priya, not Prachi. Khushi feels scared to go to Laali’s house. Prachi says she will handle it and takes her inside.

Laali hides the chain seeing Prachi. She welcomes Prachi. Khushi in fear says she didn’t bring Prachi. Prachi says don’t feel scared. She says your mom is good and will take good care of you so I wanted to transfer 50k to Laali’s account every month. Laali feels elated. Prachi asks Laali to send 3 flowers to her through Khushi every day. Laali agrees.

Prachi asks how Balbir slapped Khushi and it’s a punishable offense and the police will punish the people who supported him too. Prachi asks Laali if she understands what she is saying or Prachi has to tell her again. Laali says she understands and acts as if she cares for Khushi and is angry at Balbir for hitting Khushi. Laali asks Prachi when is she going to transfer the money. Prachi says she is going to transfer it right now and asks for her phone. Laali gives her phone.

Prachi sends the money and shows it to Laali that she sent rs 15000. Laali asks Prachi but she said she will send Rs 50000. Prachi says she will send them in installments and asks Laali to just take care of Khushi. Prachi also says she will also get to know as Khushi is going to come everyday to meet her then she will tell Prachi how she is here. Prachi leaves from there. Laali feels elated as she will get rs 50000 every month for taking care of Khushi. Laali says to Khushi that she will prepare her favourite food and leaves from there. Khushi thanks God for sending Prachi into her life and says to herself it would have been good if Prachi is her real mother.

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