Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update, Prachi saying to Inspector that Ranbir always raises his voice against injustice. She says he will never lie, and had done this for this girl so please release him. She signs the guarantor form. Constable asks Inspector to release Ranbir. Inspector agrees and asks Yadav to release Ranbir. Yadav releases Ranbir. Ranbir thinks his family may come to release him. Khushi asks Prachi, why you didn’t tell me before that you are his wife? Prachi says I. Khushi says even Shiv didn’t tell me, let him come. Khushi asks Prachi why she was not at Ranbir’s house when she comes. Prachi asks Khushi to not tell Ranbir that she signed a guarantor form like his wife to release him. Khushi asks why she has to lie. Prachi says you can tell him that I helped him but don’t tell him that I signed as his wife. Khushi agrees.

Ranbir asks Constable where his family is. Constable shows Prachi and Khushi to him. Ranbir feels happy seeing them. Inspector tells Ranbir that he is free to go. Khushi happily hugs Ranbir. Ranbir asks why she does friendship with chik chiki. Khushi says Prachi is good. Inspector asks Ranbir to sign the paper. Ranbir signs the paper. Prachi says to Khushi that she will drop her. Khushi requests ger to drop Ranbir too. Prachi agrees.

Prachi starts the car. Khushi asks Ranbir to come with her in Prachi’s car. Ranbir agrees with Khushi. Ranbir and Prachi argue with each other. Khushi stops them. She takes a first aid kit and does first aid to Ranbir. Akshay reaches police station and he doesn’t see Prachi in her car.

Akshay asks the Inspector if Prachi came to their police station. The inspector tells Akshay that Prachi Kohli had come here and gave a guarantee of her husband Ranbir Kohli. Akshay in shock says Ranbir Kohli is Prachi’s husband.

Ranbir feels pain while Khushi is doing the first aid. Prachi makes Ranbir sit outside and does his first aid. Khushi feels confused about Ranbir and Prachi’s behavior. Ranbir says to Prachi ‘she didn’t change’. Prachi says you’re still the same too. Both recall their last moments. Ashok goes to Akshay’s room and thinks about where he went. On the other hand, Akshay recalls his encounter with Prachi and Ranbir. He comes out of the police station. He sees Prachi doing first aid to Ranbir. He thinks Prachi still feels for Ranbir. He thinks Ranbir moved on so he asked me to propose to Prachi but she didn’t. He drops his proposal ring. Ranbir sees Akshay and calls him. Prachi asks why he came. Akshay controls emotions. He says he came to help her but realized she didn’t. He bumps into Khushi. Ranbir and Prachi say she is like their daughter. Akshay says he understood and goes to drink water. Ranbir says to Prachi she can leave him. Prachi says I left you long back.

Akshay cries and doesn’t attend his dad’s call. Ashok calls him continuously. Akshay attends the call and tells Ashok that Ranbir is Prachi’s past and they are still not separated and I understood why Prachi didn’t accept my proposal and why it always happens to me. He asks why he lost important things in his life. He says his dad how he lost his mother, Girlfriend, and now Prachi. Ashok asks him to not cry and says he will come to him. Akshay says no need and cuts the call. Khushi wipes Akshay’s tears. She asks if his dad scolded him like her mom. Khushi says no problem and wipes his tears. Akshay says Ranbir and Prachi love you and they are good Jodi. Khushi says Prachi and Ranbir are not married.

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