Qurbaan Hua 17 December 2020 Written Update – Neel chose a different path

At the beginning of the episode, Godambhari told Vyas Ji that I know you are kind-hearted, but how can we forgive that Dr.Baigh has killed our Saraswati and given so much pain to Alekh. Vyas told Alekh that he can understand his feelings, but it’s not right to punish a man who is not healthy. Vyas told us we would punish him once he gets recovered, and so he has sent Chahat and Neel to Rishikesh with Dr. Baigh for his speedy recovery.

Some men recognized Chahat through an article and started telling her that we will kill her family. Suddenly Neel cam in between and graced his collar and told him that she is my wife. The. They apologized to her and went off. Chahat smiled towards Neel and told them now she is not scared of any problem as I know you will save me. Neel imagined his copy, who was telling him that one day because you Chahat has to die.

While returning Chahat told me eagerly waiting to ask Dr.Baigh why he tried to kill you, but Neel was overthinking about everything and recalling what his copy said to him then, their car hit a big rock and then the car broke down. Neel called for an emergency, but they told him that it will take 2 hours.

Neel told Chahat that he knows a shortcut through the forest. Then they started moving while making arrows on the tree, and they came across an alert board of Tigers present in the forest. Neel and Chahat rushed from there, and after fee time they noticed they came back to the same place from where they started. Chahat leg got stuck in an animal trap, Neel was trying to help her out, Suddenly they heard a tiger roar voice, and then Neel picked Chahat on his arms and started walking.

Neel found a shade and get into that, Neel noticed Chahat body was heated up. Then again Neel saw his illusions telling him that Chahats main trouble is you. Then Neel fired few blocks of wood to make the temperature normal, and then he changed her clothes and covered her with the sack as he thought in wet clothes she might fall ill. The next day Neel got his car repaired, and Chahat insisted Neel leave fast for the house. Neel said he had called the cab, and from now our paths are different. And from here I will go alone. Chahat was surprised.

Episode end

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