Choti Sarrdaarni 17 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab surrounded by goons

At the beginning of the episode, Param and Meher were waiting for Sarab. Sarab was feeling very hungry Meher thought of distracting him a few times. Some goons hit the bottle on Sarab’s face, and he fell unconscious, and then they started beating Sarab. While Meher tied a cloth on her eyes and Param hid. Little gang children came and took param into the sack. Sarab recalled Param’s words and stood up and fought with them, and there Meher was finding Param with her closed eyes. Sarab took his money back from them by beating them badly. Suddenly Sarab came In front of Meher, and she thought it is Param. Then Meher removed her cloth from her eyes and noticed Sarab with food. Sarab gave the rest of the amount to Meher.

Meher called out Param and said him to come out as Sarab came back. They were scaring Param by putting him inside a hollow drum and making horrifying noises. Param was shouting for help. Meher and Sarab were finding Param.

Aditi told Vikram to settle down at the table as she has made his favorite food. Aditi requested Vikram to bring Harleen to the table as she has not eaten anything for a long time. Param escaped from their trap and came across Sarab and Meher and requested them to take him to that Mansion as there is a ghost. Sarab told Param not to be a coward boy as he is a very brave boy. Sarab told Param that he had brought his favorite sweet for him.

Robbie came to the mansion and requested Harleen to forgive him for his crime. Harleen slapped him and told him to go out from here and close the gate. Pathak called Robbie and told him that this the right time to enter the house and advised him to follow his instructions.

Sarab unpacked all the grocery which he brought from the market. Param was very scared and recalling the incident. Sarab called to him and asked him to eat the food as all are very hungry.

Param refused to eat that food. Meher used a trick and said Param to give all his fear to her, and she will fill all his fear in onion and then we will break that onion and like this, all your fear will get vanished. Then Param started eating the food. Param and Sarab look at each other with a tensed face. Then they all together have a meal.

episode end

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