Choti Sarrdaarni 29 March 2021 Written Update – Sarab is in a dilemma!

At the beginning of the episode, Kulwant came to Sandhya and asked her that what important talk you want to do with me. Sandhya told her that today I would share something important and please listen to me till the end. Suddenly the phone rang and Sandhya picks the call. Sushma was on the other side so Sandhya went aside. Sushma told her about Sarab’s arrival to the village and Sandhya told her that everything is going an accompaniment. The Sandhya told her that this is the right time and gave some instructions to her.

Sarab told them that now I should leave as I am having some important work. Sushma took Sandhya and hides her inside Sarab’s car. Sandhya came back to Kulwant and changed her topic. Kulwant thought that before the call she was trying to say something but now she is saying something different. Then Kulwant got an urgent call and she leaves from there.

Sarab was about to leave and Rajan asked for a lift to him. Sushma calls Sandhya and confirms her. While on the way Rajan was telling Sarab about Sandhya and suddenly she gets a call from Sandhya. Sandhya was telling Sarab to stop the car and check you car’s back compartment. Rajan told Sarab to stop the car and he went off. Sarab came out of the car and checks his car. Sarab saw nothing was there and calls Sandhya to ask about the surprise. Sandhya cuts the call and went from there.

Sarab’s car was not starting so Pratap gave his car keys to him. Pratap saw a cloth end and searched inside the car. Sushma got shocked to see Sarab’s car over there. Pratap found Meher and took out of the car. His father told Pratap to shoot this girl. Sushma stopped him and said I helped her in escaping.

Sarab was getting confused that Rajan is Sandhya’s finance and that’s why she was trying to hide from him. Sandhya was searching for a taxi suddenly a lady came with her keep and asked her What happened? Sandhya told her that I want to go to my village as someone is in danger.

Sushma was requesting Pratap to leave Meher as she is having a family. Pratap told her that I would not kill her so easily. Pratap’s father told his men’s no to arrange for cement and brinks as we would fix her alive in a wall. Karan got irritated from Harleen’s rude behaviour and refused to eat anything. Sandhya get out of the car and went off. Kulwant removed her mask and thought Meher is surely in some trouble.

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