Choti Sarrdaarni 26 March 2021 Written Update – Will Sarab find Meher

At the begging of the episode, Kid saw Sandhya and hugs her tightly. They asked her why you went temple without telling us. Sandhya got confused and started hesitating. Seher orders the cook to prepare breakfast for Sandhya. There Sarab reached some village. He thinks about what Meher might be doing in this village. He started showing Meher’s picture to everyone and ask them if anyone has seen her.

Sarab saw Meher’s gold chain as a girl was wearing it. Sarab was trying to talk with her butt she pushed him and escaped from there. Sarab was trying to catch her but she started shouting and gathered all the villagers. Villagers held Sarab and started beating him. suddenly a woman heard Sarab’s voice and stops them from beating him. A man stopped that woman by pointing a gun towards her. There they were beating Sarab. Rajan rescued and told everyone to apologize. Sarab thanked him for saving him.

Sandhya helps Karan, Seher, and Param in making their project. She assures them that she will make the most desirable project for them. Kulwant comes there Karan, Seher and Param get happy. She more asked Sandhya about the important thing which she called her to tell. While a woman asks Sarab not to go inside the house as they all are a criminal and has killed her son too. Rajan says to Sarab that the woman is stupid. He asks him to neglect her. Sarab visits the house where Meher is kept. His handkerchief flies to Meher and he follows to catch it. Meher senses that Sarab is near her

Pratap pushed Meher and warns her not to walk out of the room. A lady comes to save her. Meher says that lady that Sarab is her husband. She begs the lady to let her see him once. Lady supports Meher and warns her to be very cautious from Pratap and Rajan. Meher fetches a way to send a message to Sarab. Ahead, Meher cure Sarab’s wound. Sarab feels Meher’s touch. Rajan asked Sarab why he came here? Sarab was about to tell him but a call prevents him and told him not to reveal about Meher to anyone.

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