Choti Sarrdaarni 30 March 2021 Written Update – Sarab solved the puzzle!

At the beginning of the episode, kid’s were crying and missing Meher. Harleen was trying to call Sarab but her call was not reachable. Sarab got to know that Pratap killed Sanjeev and after that he was after Meher. Sarab got a small shit fixed inside his bandage. After looking that Meher is in Pratap’s house. There Pratap and his father were fixing where within the wall to give her a dangerous death. Sarab rushed to reach Meher but he fell down in halfway. Meher was praying for Sarab and her children’s safety. Kulwant was following Sandhya. Suddenly a car stops in front of her from which Rajan came out. Sandhya was frightened after looking at him there.

Kulwant was looking at them secretly. Rajan told Sandhya that today I would kill both of you. Rajan forcefully took her with him. Kulwant started to panic that where he went to her. Rajan took Sandhya to her home. There Sandhya told them that you can kill me but leave Meher. Pratap told her that you took more time to came so we fixed her within this concrete wall. Sandhya looked at the wall and started crying. Sandhya told them that Sarab would come here and punish you for the crime you all did. Rajan asked Sandhya that how you know him? Sandhya told him that I stayed in his house and he would finish you all soon.

Sarab was running on road’s to reach Meher. Suddenly he came across Kulwant and she informs him that Meher is in this village and that Rajan took Sandhya in his car. Sarab told her not to worry I would not let anything happen to her. A police jeep came and told them to come with us as it’s not safe to go alone over there. Harleen revealed to kid’s that your mother is kidnapped so we would stand together and pray to God.

Sandhya was waiting for Sandhya. Pratap tied her on a chair. Rajan told them that Sarab is a very powerful man so escape from here as soon as possible. Rajan plan’s to explore the house when he would come to this house. Sarab asks the inspector that where are you taking us as we need to turn right. The inspector got a call from Pratap’s father and he tells him to kill both of them. Sarab and Kulwant heard their conversation and get shocked.

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