Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17 December 2020 Written Update – Vihan offers Riddhima his help

The episode starts with Kabir ask Riddhima to pick one envelope. She thinks that Kabir much has put the photo in it. Kabir says if she doesn’t want to pick up then he will do it for her. But Riddhima grabs the envelope before Kabir. Riddhima opens it she finds a latter and in it, Kabir wrote that he will soon reveal her truth. While Vihan tells that party’s theme is going to be black and golden, Riddhima will look pretty in black and golden.

Dadi asks everyone to bring happiness to Riddhima’s life on her birthday. While Vihan tells Kabir not to hurt Riddhima today. Kabir says will not leave any chance. There Riddhima is searching for a photo in Kabir’s room while he came and asks Riddhima not to take this much stress for a single photo as soon he will gift that to her at her birthday party.

Riddhima wants to stop him from doing so while he stands firm on his point and tells her that she slapped him and today he will take revenge for that slap. She leaves while Kabir calls someone. She watches Vansh’s photo while crying. She says he used to protect her but what will she do now. She notices a photo frame. She took it and see a receipt for the money transfer. She notices that Vansh gave a huge amount of money to Vihan.

She now wants to solve the mystery more. Later Riddhima slips and Vihan saved her. He asks why she looks so pale. She shows the money transfer slip. Vihan says soon he will tell her everything. He asks her one evening. Riddhima gets angry she is about to beat him but he stops her. He says he will take her out of Kabir’s trap if she dances with him. She leaves.

The later party begins. Dadi calls Riddhima. Vihan brings her there. Vihan says he can still help her. Riddhima notice kerosene on the wire. Kabir says he wants to show something to Riddhima. Vihan asks her to do as he said as he already changed the kerosene into water.

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