Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17 December 2020 Written Update – Kinnar helps Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Heer comes in front of the guest. They all watch her. She removes her mask and starts dancing. There Virat beat the goons. People are flirting with Heer. They grab her hand and when she tries to push them aside, Angel threatens her. Goons make Virat lose his sense while Angel is about to sell Heer. She counts 1, 2, 3 and sold Heer to Shergill.

Preeto gets afraid of seeing extinguished diya. She calls Virat but when he didn’t pick up she gets even more stress. While Shergill forcefully takes Heer. Heer begs in front of him but he didn’t listen to her. Angel sees money and laughs. Parmeet calls Angel and asks about money. She tells her that She already sold Heer. Parmeet smirks and says what Preeti couldn’t able to do it with s
Soumya, She did it with Heer.

Later Preeto calls Malika and asks her to help her. Malika says she will call Goa’s guru maa. She then calls guru maa and asks her to help her to find a man called Virat. Guru asks why will she do that for her. Malika says Virat’s wife is a kinnar like us. Malika then informs Preeto about Virat. Preeto tells everyone that they should go to Goa.

Preeto adds someone beat Virat and he is injured. Parmeet calls Angel and warns her that if she finds out that she is the one who hurt her son then she will not leave her. Angel breaks her phone so that no one can find her. There, Shergil brings Heer to his house. He tells her that they will go to Canada soon. He tied Heer’s hand. While Kinnar helps Virat. Heer finds out a way of saving herself. There Virat beats the goons and asks them about guest details.

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