Namak Issk ka 17 December 2020 Written Update – Rony secured his identity

At the beginning of the episode, all the family members settled down for dinner. Yug saw Chamcham and invited her for the dinner. Chamcham denies it, but Badi amma forced her to come and eat and made Chamcham sit next to Yug. Yug told her to remove the mask and proceed for the food. Rony was secretly peeping and observing everything. Chamcham was about to remove the mask, but they got distracted by the nee family frame and started prase it.

Rony felt unlucky for being getting exposed by his own family members in front of Chamcham. Everyone was praising each other for the frame, suddenly Rupa said to have a look at Rony how handsome he is looking. Chamcham was about to see him suddenly Rony came applying soap on his face and prevented her from noticing him on the frame. Yug again said Chamcham to have something. Chamcham was again removing her and suddenly heard clock alarm and made an excuse of medicine and went from there with Ravikanth.

While Chamcham was sleeping Rony secretly came to his room and touched her face and suddenly she woke up but Rony escaped from there. Chamcham went out to see then came across Yug then he gave a blanket to him. Chamcham was leaving the next day and got a message from Rony about the audition. There at the audition, Rony fixes her for his film. Chamcham thanked her for the role.

Yug got to know that Rony is telling lie to him and he is not with Mehta Ji. Then Rony and Chamcham celebrated together and he gave an envelope of money as an advance. Yug came in his car and noticed Rony with that girl.

Iravati came to Ravikanth with an injection and told him that after this you will get recover soon. Suddenly Chamcham came and stopped her.

Yug went to Rony and asked about that girl. Rony lied to him and told him that he was arranging some surprise for Rupa as they have their anniversary tomorrow. As that girl was jewelry shop manager and he thought of paying her the money here only. Rony called the jewelry shop and said to him that anyhow he want s necklace on today’s date.

Episode end

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