Barrister babu 17 December 2020 written update – Sorav is dead!

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh tries to find Bondita, he calls her name. While Bondita is suffering due to poison gas. Anirudh is also struggling to find her. Later Mini sees that a drum coming towards her and in it there is Bondita. Mini says how she always survives. She says don’t worry today she will kill her with her own hands. She tries to kill her but Trilochan came at the right time. He saved Bondita and asks villagers to take Bondita to the doctor.

Women take Bondita from there. Mini laughs and says but what about Anirudh he is still in the factory. That’s when some men have come with a dead body. Mini says that Anirudh has died. But then they see Anirudh. Trilochan asks if he is here then who is this Man. Anirudh tells them that he is Sorav. He tells them how Sorav came and saved both of them while saying to take care of Sampoorna if he dies. Anirudh he will not leave Mini, he will punish her.

He grabs Mini and takes her to the police. He tells that she killed his friend Sorav. Police ask if he has proof against her. Anirudh says and asks villagers to tell the police the truth. Trilochan says yes she killed Sorav. Binoy says she also tried to kill Anirudh and Bondita. There, Sampoorna thinks that she should go to the Roy Chaudhari house. She asks Biraj if she can go.

Biraj says no. While people call Munshi Ji and tell them about Sorav. Everyone is stunned. Trilochan asks if his bahu is alright. The doctor says he can’t say anything right now. Trilochan asks Koyali to call Anirudh. Sampoorna asks why they are crying. This man is not her husband. She asks Anirudh to tells them that he is not Sorav. Her mother-in-law takes her inside.

Koyali comes to Anirudh and asks him to come home as Bondita’s condition is critical. Anirudh looks at Sorav then goes with Koyali. There Trilochan tries to feed Bondita water. Anirudh came. Trilochan tells him about Bondita’s condition. Anirudh asks God to help him. Trilochan asks Durga Maa to never break his trust in God. While Anirudh put Kapoor in his hand and ask Durga maa to help Bondita.

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