Yeh Hain Chahtein 17 December 2020 Written Update – Rudrkash thanked Yuvraj

At the beginning of the episode, Preedh told me we both would live happily together in which your name would be not there anymore. Rukdkrash stood still and recalled the last moment how Preesha used to care for her. Mahima came and slapped Preesha and told her that after all this, you had insulated everyone.

Mahima told her you are just a selfish girl. Ahana also started shouting at Preesha and said this girl has snatched everything from us. Balraj also said that you disappointed me too. Rudkraksh came to Balraj and told him that you are knowing this earlier as you were talking to him over the phone. Balraj said Preesha told me that she is having a plan to keep Saransh with us but I was not knowing she will do all this.

Rudkraksh told me I will marry Mahima at this place, and then no one can spare Sarnash from us Mahima objected, but Rudkraksh scared her of filling so many cases on her to bring Saransh back to him. Then Mahima told me because of Sarnath I am ready to marry you. Every hit shocked me after hearing this. Preesha was about to say something, but Mahima shouted at him snd made her quiet.

Rudkraksh told Preesha and Yuvraj to be excused from there, and then Rukdkrash told Priest to start the proceedings, and then Rudkraksh showed Mangaksura to Preedha and told he built this for Preesha as a gift, but from today it will belong to Mahima. Priest congratulated them and said, from today you both are husband-wife of each other. Gps came and asked Preesha that what is happening here. Mahima acknowledged Gps that Preesha betrayed Rudkraksh and married Yuvraj, and I have married to Rudkraksh because Sara Preesha told Gps that she will discuss this afterward and left from there. Rudkraksh recalled his memories and went off from there.

Rudkraksh came in his car and stepped out and went forward, and from another side, Yuvraj was coming. Then they both smiled at each other and shook their hand, and Then Rudkraksh thanked Yuvraj, and Preesha came out of the car and hugged Rudkraksh tightly. Preesha apologized, but Rudkraksh told her not to be sorry as it was a plan of yours.


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