Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 December 2020 Written Update – Reunion of the family

At the beginning of the episode, Naira brought Kairav with her downstairs. Then Kartik also joined them. Then Naira told him that she would stay with them forever. Kairav secretly told Kartik to keep Naira engage as he and Ridhima will prepare for the welcome. Then Kairav took Ridhima with her. Naira and Kartik hugged each other in the garden. The security guard told loudly the secretary to watch them, how to use to do romance all over the building. Then Kartik shied his marriage photo, and proved him wrong in front nid the secretary, and went off.

Naira told Kartik that now he will be totally confused. Naksh got a pic of Niara and Kairav together, and he started jumping in excitement and everyone noticed him and started asking him the reason for that happiness. Kairav welcomed Nairs and Akshara then Kartik also welcomed them. Kairav told Naira to come to his room Naira told Ridhima also to come, but Kairav said no as it is family time.

Ridhima went from there in aggression. Kairav showed his painting to her and said sorry for tearing a painting of yours. Then Kairav served tea to them. Naira secretly thanked Kartik for helping her to make this reunion. Kairav asked them to come and give a handprint on a clay frame.

Ridhima was recalling everything and felt sad for them then, suddenly she recalled that her license hit canceled because she was getting personal to the patients very much. Suddenly Kartik and Naira came and invited her for the dinner. Naira noticed that Ridhima was a little worried about anything. Dadi saw Gayu crying and shouted and said if there is someone then come and ask the reason for her tears. Then Gayu expressed that Naksh was talking to Naira sweetly and told her that everyone is missing them there. Ridhima came for dinner, and Niars saw her and thought something is there which she is hiding behind her smile.

Episode end

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