Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 17 December 2020 Written Update – Pakhi left the house

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi went to her room and started recalling Sai and Virat’s words and felt upset. Sai and Virat were sitting in their room. Sai and Virat said sorry to each other at a time then, they both gave their reasons for telling sorry. Virat told our whole family to consider you a defaulter, and I am sorry for that. Sai told if he has completed then I have to go to Usha’s room and sleep. Virat told Sai that I know you do not like when I talk with Pakhi. Sai told I have no issue with that because you are no one to me, so she has no problem. Sai was about to leave, but Virat stopped him and said that today DIG sir was praising your bravery, and I felt proud of you. Sai asked Virat why you felt proud and what I actually mean to him. Virat told her to ask this question to herself.

Pakhi thought that now Virat has one new friend and he does not want her anymore. Virat held Sai’s hand and told her that he will not let her go from this room anymore. The next morning Ashwini taunted Bhavini when Pakhi did not come downstairs. And then a heated argument started in between them. Sai came and shouted at everyone and forced them all to be quiet and ordered them to settle down at the table. After Virat came down for breakfast, suddenly Pakhi came down with her suitcase. Bhavini asked her where she is going with her bag without informing anyone.

Pakhi said is not feeling good here anymore as for whom I met here that person is not present in this house. Sai indirectly taunted Pakhi, but Pakhi said, her to say directly what she wants to say. Sai told that Pakhi is angry because yesterday Virat took his stand and proved her wrong. Mansi told Pakhi not to go from here, but Pakhi said she will be back when his husband will be back, and she went off. On the way, Pakhi was recalling all past moments and got years in her eyes. Pakhi’s parents got surprised seeing Pakhi.

Pakhi said now she will permanently staying here. Her mother advised her to concentrate on her career. Pakhi said being a third person in between two is like the sun, which is setting down.

Episode end

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