Anupamma 17 Aug : Janmasthami Celebration full on

Star Plus new show is rocking at trp chart. Anupamaa brings something new but some remain the same. In the previous week, we saw many things like Anirudh’s entry, Van feeling insecure, Nandani shifting. Kinjal’s family thing.

In today’s episode, we see Anu bring Toshi to Kinjal and gives them some private time. Kinjal is emotional and they spend time with each other. Toshi praises Kinjal and they hug. Anu brings water for Van. Then she informs about Kinjal’s parents and Kavya and Nandani. Van is happy. Baa and Sweety dances and Babuji watches from video call. Video call cuts and Meenu, Dolly, and Sanju enters. Baa asks Dolly why she isn’t wearing a saree. Dolly says its uncomfy, Baa gives Anu example. Dolly is surprised that Baa is praising Anu. Toshi and Kinjal come. Then all of them talk. Meenu says to Kinjal Bhabhi. Baa is a little upset. Van comes and Meenu says he is looking handsome. Kinjal takes blessing from Van. Dolly teases Van.

Van praises Anu for getting Kinjal ready. Kavya comes. Van says when did you come. Kinjal asks about Nandani and Kavya says she is coming after a call. Kavya is disturbed seeing Van’s cold behavior. Van says to Anu lets celebrate our family function together. Kinjal says to Toshu she lied to her mom. Toshi says what if she comes to know. Kinjal says she will handle it. Anu speech ends and Nandani comes. Samar sees her. And says Hi after Anu welcomes her. Van and Kavya talk meanwhile Ani calls, Van says to attend the call. Kinjal message’s her mom. All are doing pooja of Kanhaji. Kavya feels insecure. Baa says “Krishna kaniya Laal ki Jai”. Pakhi breaks matki. All doing aarti. Everybody insists Anu to Dance, even Van says. Anu is very happy. Baa says her Kanhaji and Radha are her son and daughter in law. Kavya is not liking all this. Van and Anu are looking at each other and are happy. Episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, we shall see Everybody is dancing and suddenly Rakhi comes and shouts. To stop everything. Kinjal says sorry she didn’t tell her before coming. Anu says now they both should do the Garba. But Rakhi is very furious. She throws Anu’s hand dandiya in anger. Then Rakhi says who told you that she will be your DIL. Everybody is shocked. What will happen will be very interesting this week. So keep reading our updates and keep watching Anupamaa only on Star Plus.

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