Barrister babu 17th Aug : Anirudh is upset with Bondita

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique storyline and hight voltage twist and turns.

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh asks Bondita to narrate the speech.  Mini is terrified that Anirudh will now know her truth so she pretends to hurt herself.  And Anirudh stops the speech and comes to her and asks Mini to take care.  Anirudh then tells Bondita that he has liked the way she spoke and that she has to present herself to the villagers in the same manner.

Further, the villagers come to Anirudh’s house and Anirudh tells them that today Bondita wants to say something to them and wants to discuss the problems of women by becoming a normal woman, not as his wife.  Then Bondita starts the speech and says that she is like them and her problems are similar to them.  Biraj says that Bondita still thinks about their problems.  Bondita continues her speech.  She gives them information about the bathroom.  Anirudh is pleased to hear Bondita’s speech.  Mini is thinking that soon Anirudh’s happiness will turn into sorrow.

And then the speech changes from there.  Bondita speaks as taught by Somnath that bathrooms are torture and using them will make women proud.  Anirudh gets shocked.  Bondita continues the speech like this and everyone laughs at her.  Anirudh is annoyed by her actions and Mini and Somnath are happy.  Further Bondita says that using the bathroom will make women adulterous.  People get angry after listening to this and start leaving. While Anirudh stops them. And Anirudh writes an apology for her and asks her to read it.  Bondita gets nervous because she does not know how to read.  Mini is happy to see all this.  Anirudh asks her to read it again but Bondita remains silent.  Bondita cries and says she does not know how to read because she is illiterate.  Anirudh gets shocked.

Mini thinks Anirudh will not be able to tolerate that his wife is illiterate.  Bondita starts crying and goes inside.  The people of the village say that Anirudh first needs to teach his wife properly.  And go from there.  Further, Anirudh rebukes Bondita saying why she lied to him.

There,  Sampoorna is worried about Bondita and Biraj tells her not to worry and gives her ghee and almond ladoos.  Surmani comes and asks why is she hiding it from her.  Nobody says anything.  Further Surmani reveals that she has done this trick so that everyone gets confused that Sampurna is pregnant.

Bondita says that she did not lie.  Anirudh says if she was a girl who wrote that letter, how could she not know how to read it.  Bondita then reveals the truth behind that letter.  And further states that Somnath taught her the speech.  Anirudh gets shocked and angry and shouts at Somnath. While Somnath accepts that he did it. Episode end.

Will Anirudh forgive Bondita? Will Anirudh teach Somnath a lesson?

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