Anupama 18 December 2020 Written Update – Rakhi’s changed behavior shocked everyone

At the beginning of the episode, Lila asks Anupama not to tell her what she can do or not. She says for her only he put no objection when Kinjal wants to come to Pakhi’s party. But in return she creat this fuss. She put Rakhi in middle saying Rakhi also insulted them in front of everyone. Kinjal asks if because of Rakhi she will continue to insult her. She adds Paritosh and she both married with their own will then why Lila is only taunting her.

Lila looks at Anupama and says look at her, she is already giving me a harsh answer. Anupama tries to handle the situation. While scolds her. Kinjal says don’t scold Anupama she done nothing wrong. Lila asks her not to teach her. She Kinjal to never misbehave with her. Tears rolled from Kinjal’s eyes. Anupama asks Babuji how to handle this mess. Babuji says don’t worry too much as with time everything back to normal. Paritosh notices crying Kinjal. He asks what happened.

Anupama tells Kinjal that when Lila scolded her after her marriage then she also cried like so but you don’t need to cry that much, as this is how Lila shows her love. She asks her to say sorry to her but before that, we need to go to Rakhi for an apology. She asks Kinjal to get ready. There, Kavya comes to Vanraj and asks him why he is not picking up her call. She ask if because of Anupama he is ignoring her?

Vanraj asks her to stay calm. Further, he tells her the whole story and says Rakhi Dave will surely create more mess. While Anupama she supporting the wrongdoing of Paritosh which she will regret later. There, Anupama brings Kinjal to Rakhi’s house. Kinjal doesn’t want to meet Rakhi. She asks Anupama to go back from here.

While Lila thinks about what will Rakhi do with Anupama and Kinjal. She adds Rakhi will insult them. Bapuji consoles her. While Rakhi opens the door for Kinjal and Anupama but refuses to accept Kinjal. Lila calls Vanraj. Kavya asks him to go. Vanraj comes home. He takes care of Lila. While Rakhi says if Kinjal will worship her then she will accept her. She adds she wants to change herself. Kinjal becomes happy. She hugs her parents.

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