Shaadi Mubarak 18 December 2020 Written Update – Preeti is in tough spot

At the beginning of the episode, KT teaches Preeti ball dance. And while doing that dance both share some good moments. Suddenly Preeti injured her leg and put pain relief spray on her leg. Preeti then asks KT to continue the dancing. KT feels happy seeing her dedication. He tells Preeti that their dance can hurt Nandni more. Preeti becomes upset. She asks him when will his revenge game over. KT says when Arjun leave Nandni for him. Preeti nods.

There Nandni is also doing dance practice in her room. She says today she will grab KT by dancing with him and soon he again starts feeling for her. There Preeti and KT keep practicing ball dance. While thinks KT has changed because of this revenge drama. There Priyanka is excited about the Christmas party. She is excited to meet Neel. While Juhi came. Priyanka goes to her and asks her what will she wear for the Christmas party. Juhi recalls how Kusala insulted her. She announces that no one will go there. Kusum shockingly looks at her.

There Preeti brings dresses for Arjun and KT. KT likes clothes but Arjun didn’t. He says that he will wear what his mother chooses for him. While Nandni comes with a set of clothes which make Arjun feel good. KT thinks to put more effort to take Arjun from Nandni. Sneha asks what will Preeti wear. KT says he has a dress for her which they can see at the ball party. Kusum asks Juhi what happened? She tells her everything while crying.

Kusum hugs her. Juhi says now her own mother becomes her mam. Preeti asks KT why he tells everyone that will wear a gown. She never wears such type of clothes. KT asks her to wear it once for him only. Preeti leaves saying she won’t. KT shouts out loud that Preeti will defiantly wear a gown today. Later KT is all set to enter the ball party. While Preeti says she can’t wear the gown. KT tells her she has no other option. He leaves while Preeti thinks about not wearing a gown. She opens her Almira to get some clothes while Nandni steals her dress saying that today she makes KT’s party even more happing.

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