Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 December 2020 Written Update – Naira doubt on Ridhima

At the beginning of the episode, Ridhima came with a cake for Kairav, but he said I only like jelly cake, which Nairs make for her, and no one can make that cake better than her. Ridhima got a little upset after kismet this. Kartik said sorry to Ridhima and asked her to ignore him as he is a child. Luv and Kush were discussing their future and came across her mother. She felt happy listings to them as they wanted to earn and motivated them to join the family business, but they said they are interested in hospitality services, and for this, we make Naksh our idol. After listening to this she became a little sad. Then Manish came and praised the. For choosing a god idol as Naksh holds a good experience in this line.

Kairav insisted to Kartik that we will go and share this cake with the old aunt, but Kartik said she is not present in her home. Naira and Kairav thanked Ridhima for helping them and asked her to take over another case as she is free from Kairav’s attention.

Manish went to Naksh and said to him that Luv and kush wanted to hold an experience with you. Naksh said he will do what he can for them. Akhilesh’s wife told her that Naksh can only advise them not to order them. Akhilesh told her not to be so jealous of anyone.

Kartik went to Naira and told her that he feels happy to see her smiling and hugged her. Ridhima came and noticed them and recalled how his husband uses to treat her badly. Kairav called Naira to his room. Kartik went to Ridhima with a juice glass and noticed tears in her eyes, and suddenly Rudihmay hugged Kartik and started crying, and Naira was observing this from a distance. Maid of the house incurred, and then Ridhima said sorry to Naira and went off.

Kairav was asking her maid that she noticed a child in her home then suddenly Kartik came and distracted him. Then all settled down for breakfast along with Rudhima. Everyone was enjoying the meal then Kairav requested Ridhimy to click a family photo. Ridhima was a little worried and acting abnormally. Kairav said to Naira that her food tastes like the old aunt. Then Ridhima said Kairav that both are the same.

Episode end

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