Anupamma 20 Aug : Anupamaa takes a harsh decision

Star Plus new show is rocking at trp chart. Anupamaa brings something new but some remain the same. In the previous episode we saw the whole family is celebrating. Rakhi comes and creates a big scene. She breaks off all ties with Shah’s. Vanraj supports Anupamaa. Baa also interferes. Toshi is all set to go against the family for Kinjal.

In today’s episode, we see, Samar and Toshu have a huge argument on the importance of a mother. They went physical. Samar is adamant this time, to make Toshu apologize to Anupamaa. Pakhi comes to stop the fight, she started to cry. Anupamaa remembers everything. Samar comes to Anupamaa and she hugs him. Then Anupamaa says how can every time she can be the reason. And takes the blame on herself. Vanraj thinks that everything was going according to plan but Anupamaa spoiled it, Toshu and they are at loggerheads. Mrs. Dave spoke whatever about Anupamaa is true. As Anupamaa enters the room, Vanraj switched off the light. She carries milk away. Toshu also takes his own jug of water.

Rakhi and Kinjal have a discussion about Toshu and his family. Rakhi says Anupamaa is not like that. Rakhi says she is the whole Shahs are the same. Toshi calls. Vanraj asks Samar what Toshu was doing the entire night. Samar actually says anything(Bro code). Vanraj checks Toshu’s phone and he says calls of Kinjal. He throws away the phone and goes to the office. Toshi also leaves. Baa taunts Anupamaa one more time. Anupamaa leaves to do everything straight. Baa tries to stop but she pays no heed. Vanraj in office and feeling weird about everything. Kavya enters and talks about his behavior towards her and says he was doing Rasleela with her wife, to which Vanraj says yes. Anupamaa leaves.

Kavya says he says has no idea of how she was feeling to see him with Anupamaa. Vanraj says the same as he feels seeing her with Ani. Vanraj says they got satisfaction in each other’s company. And everything is sorted between them. Vanraj is angry and says they want to be seeing Dave’s face entire life. Anupamaa comes to Kinjal’s place.
Episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, we shall see Anupamaa apologize to Rakhi and she says she is ready to move on but on one condition. Kinjal calls Toshu to explain the condition. Toshu is super shocked followed by him collapsing. What is the condition?? and Will Anu agrees??
To know the answers keep on watching Anupamaa on Star Plus and more content keeps reading our space.

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