Shakti 20 Aug : Soham makes a disgusting plan

Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki entertaining plot is ruling on everyone’s heart.

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto asks Mahi the question and asks why did Soham worries about her.  Mahi says that she doesn’t know anything about this.  Preeto asks Mahi to call Soham and ask where he is.  Mahi calls Soham and asks.  Soham says he is in the library.  Further, Soham goes to human traffickers who sell Kinnar and Soham wants to sell Heer.  They say they want to see the picture of the eunuch.  And Soham only has to bring that eunuch here.  Soham says don’t worry about it, he will bring her here.  But Soham does not find the courage to show them the picture of Heer and goes from there.

On the other hand, the teacher asks Heer to apologize to Jharana because she slaps Jharana.  Heer refuses.  Virat says if this is so then Heer should leave from here.  All students agree with Virat.  The teacher asks Heer to leave.  Heer starts going.  Virat stops her and says that before the Ganpati festival comes all the evils are destroyed as her.  Heer says no one can stop her and she will come to college every day.  Virat thinks he will not allow Heer to entered the college.  Further, Isha tells him that he should believe in the true tears rather than believing in false love.  Jharana says that he has no need for her companionship.  Isha taunts her, saying that she has to buy new phones and tabs, can she tell where she will find them.  Because she keeps buying it.  Jharana thinks that before Virat gets to know anything, she has to take care of it.  Jharana says that just enough, all this thing should be finished.

Next, Soham arrives at College.  Soham thinks that this is not the right way to deal with Heer and he should send Heer to her world.  Heer asks where he wants to send her.  Soham says nowhere.  Heer says that her head is hurting and they should go home.  Soham pushed Heer.  Heer falls.  She stands up and walks towards the house.  She goes home and tells Preeto everything.  Preeto wonders if Soham does know the truth.  Soham apologizes to Heer at Shano’s request so that no one doubts him.  Preeto scolds him.  Soham says he was worried about the exam.  Heer further forgives him.  Preeto feels relaxed thinking that it is good that Soham did not know anything.  Episode ended.

Will Preeto save Heer from Soham and Shano?  Will Heer know the truth of Soham’s hatred?  What will be the new trick for Soham?

All these questions will be answered by upcoming episodes.  Stay in this place to know what is going to happen in your favorite show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki .

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