Barrister babu 20th Aug : Bondita gets into trouble again

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique storyline and hight voltage twist and turns.

Trilochan asks Bondita to bathe but the water is very cold.  Bondita pretends to take a bath but does not take bath.  Bondita worships in the morning and is sleepy.  Trilochan says today is the beginning of her becoming a housewife.  He asks her to offer flowers.  Bondita is still asleep but Trilochan tells her to wake up.  He tells her to worship God.  Bondita says when God is one then why to sing so many aarti.  Trilochan says that God is one but his forms are many.  Trilochan says now do what he has said.

Anirudh arrives.  Trilochan is surprised to see him and says that today he did not go to the club and came to worship in the temple.  Anirudh tells Bondita that she should learn all the Aarti, especially that of Saraswati Maa because she is the goddess of knowledge.  And from today her education is also going to start.  Trilochan says that he came for his selfishness.  Bondita says that she is so sleepy but both of them are arguing.  Trilochan says that it is necessary for Bondita to be a skilled daughter and tells her not to become a thorn in her path.  Trilochan then starts worshiping.

Mini calls Anirudh.  Anirudh says why she is behaving like a thief.  Mini says she is a thief.  Anirudh says, who has she come to steal.  Mini says that she has come to steal him from Bondita.  Anirudh gets shocked.  Mini laughs and says that she was joking.  Mini further says that she has learned to make cookies and asks Anirudh to taste it.  Anirudh says he cannot eat because the halwa last time was not good.  And makes fun of her.  Mini says he will have to taste it.  Anirudh and Mini start going to her house.  But then Mini hurts herself deliberately.  Anirudh gets worried.  Binoy sees all this and says that Mini’s plan is amazing.  And it is already taking effect.

Further Trilochan and others worship.  Somnath thinks of taking revenge on Bondita.  He pours ghee which causes the bondita to fall as well as the plate of aarti.  Trilochan says that she messed up everything.  He tells Bondita to clean everything.  Just then, the goddess’s chunri is torn from Bondita’s hand.  Trilochan says that now the Goddess will punish him.

Sourav gives the book to Sampoorna.  Sampoorna says she does not know how to read.  Sourav asks her to understand everything by looking at the picture so that she can know that she is not pregnant.  Sampoorna gets annoyed on hearing this but Saurav asks her to read this saying that God has given this book for her.  So that she can get wisdom.  There, Somnath says there is a mess due to Bondita.  Anirudh says that there is no mistake of Bondita because she is not used to getting up in the morning.  Kaka agrees with Anirudh.  Kaka says that perhaps the goddess has given us some hint.  Perhaps she is not happy and it is the wrath of the Mother Goddess.  And he believes that this is all because of Anirudh’s insistence.

Sampoorna is happy that Surmani Maa is taking care of her.  Sampoorna picks up the book, but only then Biraj and Surmani come.  And asks her about the book.  She says the book is very good and has very good illustrations.  She asks them to join her.  Hearing this, Sourav gets nervous.  But then he distracts their attention by dropping ink on his clothes.  And asks Sampoorna to look at the book alone.  There, Anirudh says that this is the wrath of the Mother Goddess, then they should send only  Bondita to bring goods for chunri.  Bondita thinks that Anirudh has got her in trouble.  Episode ended.

What is Anirudh’s new plan?  Will Mini get Anirudh into her trap?

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