Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20th Aug : Destiny bring Rehan and Shayari together

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka always managed to grab the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama.

At the beginning of the episode, everyone comes and informs Rehan that Natasha is not being found.  Aman says that she might not want to get engaged so she must have gone.  Roshni says how could it happen, she could have left a message.  Rehan calls Natasha.  Natasha tries to get herself out of the bottle but is unsuccessful.  Rehan informs Aman that Natasha is not attending his call.  Then Shayari’s foot slips and she falls into the arm of Rehan.  Everyone is surprised.  The media thinks that Shayari is Rehan’s fiancé and they ask her name.  Rehan can do anything to get Farhan, so he puts a ring on Shayari’s hand.  Shayari gets shocked and asks what is this?  Rehan says Happy Engagement.  The media starts asking questions to Shayari.  But Rehan says that Shayari speaks less and he takes her from there.  Aman tells Roshni that they should talk to Rehan and Shayari.

The color of the data is changed into red.  Rubina informs this to Roshni.  And Rubina says that they should start the ritual now.  There, Shayari questions Rehan.  Shayari says that if he wanted to engage with her, then he needs to ask her first.  Rehan says that he was going to engage with someone else.  Shayari says then why did he make her wear the ring.  Rehan, upset by her questions, so he closes her in the cupboard.  Aman calls him.  Rehan tells Shayari that he will come in a while.  Rubina forms a circle so that black jin cannot reach there.  Rehan tells Aman why he got engaged.  Grandma says Natasha should have at least informed him.  Mahira arrives and tells them how Natasha rejected the bracelet.  Everyone feels bad for Rehan.  But Aman says that Shayari and Rehan are the true companions and luck also merged them.

On the other hand, Roshni collects the child’s belongings.  But the child’s shoe remains outside which is taken by the black jin.  Rubina asks Roshni not to come out of the circle.  Rehan opens the wardrobe door and says whether you will shut up now.  Shayari says she will remain silent.  Shayari says he has done wrong.  Rehan says that he just wanted to get engaged but Natasha was not there so he engaged with her.  Shayari says that this is not the right way.  Rehan says that she had fallen on him and everyone thinks what she is his fiance.  Shayari says she wants to stay away from Rehan and only wants his signature on the exit paper.

Aman enters the room.  Roshni pretends to rest and Sitra and Rubina hide.  Aman asks Roshni if ​​she is fine.  Roshni replies yes and says she only wants to get some rest.  Aman sits near her and asks if Rehan and Shayari’s engagement is right.  Aman says that Shayari and Rehan met as they met.  Roshni says it is what Alha wants.  Aman starts to go but then Roshni’s stomach hurts.

Shayari shows the exit paper to Rehan.  Rehan says she did this fraudulently.  Shayari says he signed himself without looking.  Shayari says that she wants to stay away from him and very soon she will give back his money.  Roshni further tells Aman that their child kicked.  Both are happy and Kala Jin sees them.

In the upcoming episodes, Aman learns to sing a song for the child.

Will black jin take away the child?  Will Roshni be able to save her child?

Keep watching to know more about Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka.

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