Yeh Hain Chahtein 20th Aug : Sharda new talent is up

Star Plus show Yeh Hain Chatein is glueing everybody well on screen. In the previous episode we saw Preesha is trying hard to make Rudra study and made him attend his online classes. Saransh is ready. Yuvi had a new job in a music company. Ahana and Mish plans continue. Rudra was furious on how his mom getting treated.

In today’s episode, we see Sharda is scared and Preesha tries to console her. Sharda blames on herself. Sharda is injured, Preesha notices. Sharda is informed that Rudra should wear a uniform in order to attend classes. Sharda says yes. Sharda stitches Rudra uniform as there were no other options. Everything failed. Everybody was surprised seeing Sharda stitching as they didn’t know about that.

Preesha gives her compliment as she can stitch and also she can be independent if she wants. And she is not weak. Sharda tells Preesha not to tell anybody about her physical abuse by Balraj and sp. to Rudra or they will fight again. Balraj is very upset seeing Rudra in uniform, as this will rupture his image. Everybody laughs in the comment section, but Rudra says he can do anything for Saransh. Ahana is shocked. Preesha says everybody should know why he got admitted in school. But Rudra says no. Balraj doesn’t care about anybody. Yuvi and Rahul celebrate victory and is happy to leak Rudra education thing. Yuvi plan is already. To torment Rudra personal life too. Next day Rudra see his uniform torn. Rudra has an MU of Balraj doing it rather it is Ahana. Preesha says why he is not ready. Rudra shows Preesha she is stunned to hear Balraj’s name. Episode ends.

Now we see in the upcoming episode Principal informs Ahana that Rudra has attended the classes with the proper uniform. Ahana will be shocked. To know more keep reading our updates and keep watching Yeh Hai Chahtein only on Star Plus.

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