Anupamma 21 Aug : Rakhi condition

Star Plus new show is rocking at trp chart. Anupamaa brings something new but some remain the same. In the previous episode, we saw big chaos followed by Vanraj and Kavya patch up. Anupamaa takes a harsh decision by stepping out of the house. Nandani compliments Vanraj.

In today’s episode, we see Anupamaa visits Rakhi and says she came to visit a mom and not coaching class owner. Rakhi says she doesn’t meet people without an appointment. Then she gives an example of a mom and Rakhi says fine to speak. Pakhi calls Sidhu(her school friend) and asks why he did he put the stuff in her. Samar is ready to drop Pakhi to school, Cigarette packet drops from the bag. Samar sees and all shocked. And ask what is all about?? Pakhi says its not hers. Samar says he will tell Anupamaa at any cost. Rakhi let Anupamaa in. Rakhi says what Anupamaa wants and she says a chance, she says their families are different but they have one thing common, “LOVE” for their kids. And says she’s ready to forget everything as per kid’s happiness. Vanraj sees the newspaper and says thank god they got to know about everything beforehand.

Anupamaa tells Rakhi about everything about her. Anupamaa apologizes to Rakhi. Then Rakhi says she is ready for the alliance but on a condition. Anupamaa says what is the condition. Kinjal and Toshi talk and Kinjal tells him about Anupamaa visiting Rakhi, Toshu says she must have created scene today also to which Kinjal scolds him that he should stop thinking like this. Kinjal further adds, she came because of them. And even apologize to her but all in vain, Rakhi didn’t listen. Toshi says he loves Kinjal a lot. Then Kinjal said they can be together only on her mom’s condition. Toshu asks?? She discloses the condition to which Toshu says that can’t be possible.

Anupamaa gets echo. Mr. Dave says she doesn’t have to put this condition to which she lists things between them. Rakhi says she also loves Kinjal a lot and care for her. Then she says where that Vanraj Shah stands. Baa is crying. Toshi gets a panic attack. And is mumbling. Vanraj comes home followed by Anupamaa. They come to know about his panic attack. And tell him about a weak and strong thing. Anupamaa says she will do all right. Toshu says as she did by meeting Rakhi. Vanraj is shocked. And ask about the condition. Toshi says whatever she is saying she speaks in front of all. Toshu reveals the condition. He says that he has put his hands together and apologize to Rakhi. Vanraj firmly says No to all this. And is extremely furious. He will not apologize at any cost, even if he gets to be shattered.
Episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, we shall see Toshu says Vanraj cant leave his arrogance for his son. Then Promo repeats. Anu is shattered. To know which side Anupamaa chooses, keep reading our updates and keep watching Anupamaa only on Star Plus.

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