Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 21st Aug : Aman’s life is in danger

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka always managed to grab the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Rubina asks Roshni and Sidra if they are ready?  Both speak yes.  Sidra thinks that her phone is out so that it does not cause problems so she goes to pick up the phone.  As soon as she goes out the magic of black jin goes on her.  Rehan tells Shayari that he will forgive her debt if she agrees to their engagement.  Shayari denies this.  Rehan says that engagement is very important for him.  Shayari says that he only wants to continue the engagement drama because he cares about his honor.  Shayari says he does not think of anyone but himself.  Shayari says he can’t stop her.  Shayari put the ring in his hand and starts leaving.  Rehan calls someone and tries to stop her.

Shayari starts going.  Aman stops her.  Aman says that he knows that Shayari is angry with the engagement.  Aman says that it would be good if she does not tell the secret of engagement to anyone.  Shayari says that she knows the secret of this engagement.  Rehan engaged to her because she is poor.  Aman says it was a coincidence.  Rehan did nothing deliberately.  Shayari says she does not want to be tied in this relationship.  Aman asks her to help him.  Shayari says that she will never help Rehan.  Aman says then please help me.  Aman says his family is in trouble and he needs her.

Rubina starts the ritual.  Roshni’s child comes out of her womb but Roshni breaks the thread.  Because she can see the shadow of her child and she cannot separate from him.  Rehan sees that Shayari is still here and he comes to her.  And asks why didn’t she leave?  Shayari says she is not here for him.  Shayari asks how long will she have to live as his fiancée?  Rehan says for 1 week.

Rubina asks why Roshni did this.  Roshni says she cannot do this.  And starts crying.  Rubina tells her to keep calm.  Then they learn that there is a black jin in Sidra.  Sidra walks towards Aman.  Roshni follows him.  Aman learns to sing for the child.  Sidra is about to harm Aman, but Roshni stops her.

Kala Jin says that Roshni cannot stop him.  Roshni tells him not to bring Aman in the middle.  Kala Jin says she has broken the promise.  Kala Jin says that if she keeps the promise, he will leave Aman.  Roshni promises and Kala Jin goes.  Episode end.

Keep watching to know more about Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka.

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