Anupamma 23 September : Anupama scolds Kamini for her misbehavior

The episode starts with Kavya Dolly and Pakhi come to Anupama’s room. And Kavya asks Anupama to give her some work. Anupama tells her some household chores on which she becomes fermented. Because she does not come to do those things. Dolly says Anupama is only joking. Kavya says whether Anupama also knows how to joke. Dolly says yes. And then Pakhi talks about shopping. And says that Kavya’s choices is very good and she will help her in shopping. Anupama says that there is no doubt that Kavya’s choice is good. But she wants to do her son’s marriage function in her own way. And she also wants to prepare Kinjal like Janmashtami day. Kavya remembers that Janmashtami incident and gets irritated.

Kamini’s eyes are still there on the ring. And Leela is telling her some of her old things. While Kamini is worried about the expensive ring and says that Kinjal is a girl from a rich family and she will not take care of the ring properly. Leela says but Anupama does not understand this thing.

There Anupama takes a sari and Dolly tells Kavya that this sari has gifted by Vanraj to Anupama. And Kavya is jealous and demands to wear the same sari in the engagement. Pakhi agrees with her and she asks Anupama to give this saree to Kavya.

Further, Samar is staring at Nandni, and Pakhi and Paritosh tease him. Pakhi says that Nandani already has a boyfriend. To which Samar gets shocked and says what. Pakhi says she was only joking. And Samar goes away from there ashamed.

Leela returns Anupama’s jewelry to her so that she can wear them on the function as well as giving the ring and asks her to take care of it and Lila leaves. After some time Anupama shows Vanraj a kurta. And Kavya says that this color is very dark and Vanraj will not like it. Vanraj also asks Anupama to bring something lighter.

Jhilmil comes to Anupama’s house with her daughter. And Kamini insults Jhilmil by calling her a maid. Upon which Apanuma gets angry and she tells her not to behave like this. But Kamini does not stop and says that they should not be given so much importance to Jhilmil because at the end of the day she is a maid only. Anupama tells her to shut up and favors Jhilmil.

Jhilmil is hurt by the words of Kamini and weeps. Anupama consoles her. Next, Kavya comes to the kitchen and says that she will cook the food as per Rakhi’s choice. Anupama says okay. Kavya prepares the material. Then Vanraj comes there. And both Anupama and Kavya smile upon seeing him. Episode end.

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