Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23 September : Mermaid hypnotizes Aman and Roshni

At the beginning of the episode, Aman and Roshni are talking to each other and there is magical water of mermaid jin coming towards them. And in no time they touch that water and both of them come under the control of the mermaid. And feel that they are in Switzerland. While Shayari and Rehan come to the cave and they can’t find anyone there. Shayari says that Kiki should be here and both start searching for him.

Aman and Roshni think that they are in Switzerland and Aman give her a rose and they dance. Jalpari thinks that she will get their power as soon as they come into the water. Rehan tells Shayari that maybe Kiki is not here. But then he finds Kiki imprisoned in a cage and Shayari tries to get him out of there. But then the stone is coming towards them and Rehan uses his magic. But his magic does not work. He then remembers that the mermaid has acquired all his powers.

They think of informing this thing to Roshni and Aman. But both of them do not pick up the phone. Then they call Rubina and inform about it. But by then it is late and Roshni and Aman have lost their power. And the mermaid starts using the chance to go towards Armaan. But the family saves Armaan. And imprison the mermaid. Jalpari says no one can hold her for long.

Shayari and Rehaan are worried about Aman and Roshni. And Shayari asks Rehan for help to help Kiki. Rehan says how can he help her without power. Shayari says that he can also help without magic. There Aman and Roshni speculate that the weakness of mermaid is water. And they decide to drain all the water. But still, the mermaid is freed from captivity. And she says they can’t stop her. There Rehan frees Kiki. Episode end.

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