Shaadi Mubarak 23 September : Rati create a rift between Tarun and Preeti

The episode starts with Rati is still standing in shock. KT asks Shyam to fetch water for Rati as she will need it. That’s when KT gets a call from someone. And he goes from there. Rati sits in front of Preeti and says that Preeti does not have the ability to interview her. Because she can only cook and cannot handle outdoor work. Rati says but still, she can take the interview for formality. Preeti then remembers Priyanka and KT’s words and questions Rati with full confidence. Preeti asks Rati what she will do if someone does not like the food at someone’s wedding. And if someone’s lehnga torn or the gas runs out while cooking, what will she do. Rati says that she is insulting her by asking such questions and she does not think it is necessary to answer her question. And leaves from there. KT listens to their discussion and smiles.

Priyanka prepares the project file and gives it to her colleague. And accidentally touch his hand. And her colleague says that Priyanka is very cunning and wants people to be her prey on the very first day. He says that they have to stay away from her and everyone taunts Priyanka again. And Priyanka leaves from there crying. Tarun sees this and thinks he will take revenge using Priyanka from Kusum.

There Kusum argues with a taxicab that why he does not keep free money. And at the same time the sings a  film song, but then her neighbor comes and she changes the song and starts singing bhajans. She asks Kusum, she seems very happy, has she roaming around. Kusum says no she only went to the temple. Taximan is shocked to hear her lie. And as her neighbor leaves from there, he asks her why she told a lie. Kusum says so that people do not talk badly about her.

Preeti hires a girl named Sheena as her assistant. And tells this to KT. Sheena is happy to see KT and says she will start the job from today. There Rati provokes Tarun against Preeti and says she taunts her a lot in the office and insults her. Rati’s mother says that if someone can disturb her in such a way, then there is a shame in such a relationship. Tarun decides that he will teach Preeti a lesson.

While Kusum chooses a boy for Priyanka. But Juhi and Sumedh say that Priyanka is happy to get her job right now so she should not talk about the relationship once. Kusum agrees. There KT asks Preeti if he can drop her at home. And there Tarun is waiting for Preeti and thinks to humiliate her in front of everyone. Preeti comes thereafter some time and is shocked to see Tarun.

Precap: Preeti is once again accused of being thief.

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