Shakti 23th Sep : Soham and Shano’s plan was successful

At the beginning of the episode, both Heer and Virat are sad and remember the moments they spent together. Gurminder notices Virat crying. And tells him that there was a time when Heer cried for him and today he is in place of. On the other hand, Preeto also sees Heer disappointed and says that Heer is suffering but this is better for her.

The next day Heer goes to the temple with Harak and the rest of her housemates prepare things for her exam. Rohan asks Soham to make tea to distract him. Soham says that he will not go to the temple so he does not need to divert his attention here and there.

There Harak is going to buy puja things. And Heer praying. That’s when Virat and Gurminder come there. Gurminder tells Heer how Virat cannot live without her and only loves her.

Heer says that there was a time when Virat left her alone at the wedding pavilion and she felt very sad. And if she accepts Virat today, then Jharana will also get this sorrow, and she does not want to do that.

Virat says that they are made for each other and God also has the same decision and that is why they meet again and again. Heer picks up the coin from God and tries to find out what the will of God by toasting the coin.

Further, Heer returns home. Everyone wishes her well and feeds her curd sugar. Soham carries out his conspiracy by planting a bomb in their car. And Heer and the others sit in that car and go towards the exam center.

The car is blasted in a middle way. Here Shano and Soham wait for the good news and then the phone rings. Soham picks up the phone and the police inform him about the blast. Soham and Shano become happy. And they do drama in front of others like they are sad. The rest of the family is shocked and shedding tears. Episode end.

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