Qurbaan Hua 24 September : Gazala poison the holy offering

At the beginning of the episode, Jamunaparshad searches for Chahat and says to her that all preparations are done only you are missing and take her with him for the Tula dan ceremony. Then Chahat sat on one side of the scale and Aalekh handed over Kripa on her laps carefully. Chahat was feeling uncomfortable due to itching and suddenly her eyes fell on one of the sacks on which she notices the pieces of broken eggs and she was also able to smell the eggs. Vyas Ji says that he will start the ceremony and move toward sacks to bring on of them and put in on the scale. In between this Chahat was giving continuous signs to Niel to stop Vyas Ji from picking the sack. Vyas Ji was about to pick that broken egg sack Niel stopped Vyas Ji and says that the Grain sack should be kept first, then Vyas Ji did according to Niel, and picked up another sack and left. Standing there Niel thought why Chahat was giving those signs not letting Vyas Ji pick this sack, so he lifted that sack and placed aside as he was leaving he thought of checking it once, and on opening the sack he found eggs and wounder. Aalekh asks Gazala to come and give her contribution to the ceremony as Vyas Ji has said her to donate that money bag with her hands.

Gazala moved slowly towards the bag and picked it and started stepping towards Chahat. While she was keeping the bag on the scale Vyas Ji stopped her from the back and said it would not keep on this as this belongs to a murderer and I don’t want it to be kept on this scale because this ceremony is for Kripa, and ask Aalekh to keep this bag aside. Here Godambari was angry and talking to herself as she was not allowed to attend the ceremony.

Gazala enters the house and then she saw a holy offering that Niel will drink at the end of the ceremony. Gazala comes near that and took out a piece of paper in which she was carrying little poison for her if she gets caught by Vyas Ji but now she will use this against them. Chahat gets a sign that something will happen badly today. Then Vyas Ji asks Jamunaparshad to bring that holy offering for Niel.

And Saraswati brings a golden plate filled with red water and ask Chahat to mark Kripa’s hand and footprints on the plate as it will also be distributed. Then Chahat notices, her room window’s reflection on that red water and notices someone is standing over there, then she focuses on the reflection and found that someone is mixing something in that glass which Niel will drink as a holy offering.
Episode ends

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