Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 September : Kartik was missing, Naira got a clue

At the beginning of the episode, Naira asks few questions about Kartik’s arrival to Krishna, and then she leaves form there in the search of Kartik. Here Krish reached home and seems to be a modern child and responded weirdly to every religious act. Niel asked Kirti to inform Dadi that Krish reached home while informing Kirti get to know that Kartik is missing from the last night and gets a shocking facial expression

Sitting in a corner Krishna was holding a religious stone and requesting god to help Naira in the search of Kartik. Here are the family members of Goenkas who were worried and got no clue about Kartik’s location. cops again visits Goenka’s house and hinted them that it would be a case of kidnapping and we should wait till the kidnapper’s call for the ransom call.

Here Singhania family members were also worried about Kartik’s missing. And Naira being too worried calming her self by talking to her baby bump and recalling what Kartik said in his last call. Then she sat and closed her eyes for a while and started recalling everything and all of a sudden Naira recalls Krishna’s words whether she was trying to give a hint to me about the Kartik. after joining every word Naira had a doubt that Kartik would be close to Krishna. And she rushed towards her family to explain to them how Krishna was trying to hint her about Kartik’s location.

While Krishna was requesting god, Mrs. Desai pulled Krishna’s hairs and said not to act too smart and took her inside the room, and few goons were also present at the house and were planning for the next move. Here Goenkas didn’t pay much attention to Nair’s clue and ask her to take a rest not to worry much. Then Naira talking to her baby bump decides to go alone in the search of Kartik.

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