Yeh Hain Chahtein 23 September : What is Preesha upto?

At the beginning of the episode, Rudraksh was in his room with Preesha and a doctor who was checking Rudraksh improvement and advised him to take care for a few more days, then the doctor leaves and with that Preesha says Rudraksh to rest and about to leave the room but Rudraksh stopped her. And finally, Rudraksh expressed his feeling to Preesha, After listening to this Preesha slapped Rudraksh and said we are just together because of Saransh. And suddenly Rudraksh feels that it was only his illusion which he was thinking in his mind.

Bunty entered the room and Preesha went to bring Rudraksh medicine. Bunty asks Rudraksh that till now he has expressed his feelings or not. Rudraksh says that it’s very difficult to express in front of Preesha, Bunty motivated Rudraksh and said if he didn’t express his feeling till award function night then he gonna tell Preesha about his feelings.

In the award function as soon as balraj sees Preesha’s parent’s stepping toward his table he leaves that table by saying that he will not lower his standards by sitting with these middle-class peoples. After that Rudraksh says sorry for his dad’s words and Preesha’s parents Also ignore Balraj’s behavior. Yuvraj comes near Preesha’s father and says that he wanted to clear that misunderstanding which was created in the last party, but no one allowed Yuvraj to stand there for a single second and said him to leave as soon as possible. Here Preesha meets Rahul in the party and asks Preesha whether she will bring any proof against Rudraksh in reply to that Preesha replies that she is innocent and she will not come into his words or threatening techniques. And form behind Aahana started provoking Rudraksh saying that Preesha is talking to our business rivals.

But Rudraksh showed full belief in Preesha and says that she will not do anything wrong. Aahana comes inside the gent’s washroom and asks Yuvraj to share the secret of Preesha and tell her who is the real mother of Saransh in return to that she will help him. But Yuvraj didn’t share anything and left the place. Here at the table Preesha and Rudraksh were sitting and Rudraksh asks Preesha that how she knows Rahul, after thinking for a couple of seconds Preesha decides that she will tell the truth after the award function as now she can’t destroy the moment, so Preesha says that Rahul’s wife was his ex-patient and he was feeling sorry for her, and then Rudraksh asks what Yuvraj was saying to her, Preesha says that he was trying to give explanations but I said him very clearly that there is no relationship between us. After saying all these Preesha feels sorry for telling lie to Rudraksh and promises to her self that after the award function she will confess everything.
Episodes end…..

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