Barrister babu 22th Sep : Mini pretends to be blind

In the beginning of the episode, Bondita says that if Lord Krishna wants her to do penance even today, she will do it.  Then Brij reminds her a verse and says that when she came to do penance today, she come with wearing the most expensive jewelry.  Bondita says but why.  Brij says so that Krishna can be happy.

But why Lord Krishna would be happy with jewels, says Bondita.  Brij says because jewelry is the most precious thing and we donates the most precious thing to God.  Bondita says that jewelry is not her precious thing because it is not her but her father-in-law’s.  So she cannot donate them.  That’s when Anirudh comes there and scolds Bondita for talking to Brij and calls Brij an unknown man.  Trilochan arrives and tells Anirudh that he introduced Bondita to him.

Further, Anirudh tells Bondita that today he will take her test and when Bondita does not do well in the test, Anirudh scolds her.  While Dida is taking Mini somewhere.  Anirudh notices this and goes out and asks Koyli where did Dida and Mini go.  Koyli says she doesn’t know but Dida angrily takes Mini.  However the Mini is not going anywhere and this is only a trick of her.

Anirudh comes back to the study room and notices that Bondita is missing from there.  He asks about Bondita.  And Binoy says if Bondita does not want to study then why is he forcing her.  Anirudh says that Bondita will have to study any consensus, whether she wants or not.

There, Bondita reaches at Brijwasi’s place and sings shloka and everyone thinks that Krishna ji is reading the Gita path.  There Mini pretends to be blind and tells that this happened due to Brijwasi’s medicine.  Anirudh gets angry and goes to Brijwasi and asks him to come out. Episode end.


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