Anupamma 22 September : Sanjay’s last warning for Vanraj

In the beginning of the episode, Vanraj and Kavya are shocked to see Anirudh.  Vanraj gets very angry and he sits in his room.  Anirudh repeatedly sends him a photo of him and Kavya.  Which irritates Vanraj and then Anupama also comes and hugs him.  And Vanraj gets more irritated.  He scolds her and asks her to stay away.  Vanraj says how she can embrace him with the hands of spices.  He says that he hates the spices smell.

Anupama feels sad and rubs her hands thoroughly.  Sanjay sees all this.  Sanjay warns Vanraj that if Vanraj misbehaves with Anupama again, he will tell what is going on between him and Kavya.

Vanraj gets nervous and apologizes to Anupama and hugs her.  Then Kavya comes there and gets irritated after seeing them together.  Vanraj looks at Kavya with help of mirror and pushed Anupama.

Kavya comes inside their room and says that she spoiled their romantic moment.  And for this she apologizes to them.  Anupama says she does not need to apologize for this.

Anupama asks them to come down with her.  Next, everyone snacks and Leela guards the ring.  Everyone asks her to have snacks with them.  But Leela says that till this ring in a bowl of milk in the temple, she cannot have breakfast peacefully.

After a while Kamini comes there.  Leela is happy to see her.  Kamini greets everyone.  And then Leela shows her a diamond ring which Kamini loves very much and she looks at that ring again and again.

After a while Vanraj calls Pramod.  Because they have to perform some rituals in their house and for this Vanraj wants to invite them.  But Rakhi picks up the phone, not Pramod and uses the word father-in-law to tease Vanraj.  And Vanraj hates this father-in-law word and gets irritated.

But he calms himself down and invites her to perform Gordhan Puja at his house.  Rakhi says who does such pujas.  Vanraj says tauntingly that people who has the rites performed this kind of puja.  And hangs up the phone.  Episode end.


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