Qurbaan Hua 23 September : Kripa’s tula dan ceremony

At the beginning of the episode, Gazala calls Romavtar to bring little stuff for her to Vyas ji house. Then he says that I can’t bring these things to a religious place. Then Gazala forces him and offers him money to do this.

Here Chahat wore the jewelry unproperly in which Niel helps her and also explains the importance of the jewelry. Aalekh comes near Goadambri and say’s that your greedy nature has spoiled everything, But Goadambri says that she has done some preparation to make Vyas Ji happy. Jamunaparshad arrives there with a gold necklace for Kripa which was brought by Naveli’s mother. Vyas Ji says that there is no need to spend a lot of money. With jewelry sound, Chahat steps down. And Chahat showed everyone that she has brought a plant for Kripa on this occasion and also explains the importance of the plant and then itself she planned that plant.

There Romavtar arrives outside the house, with a sack full of eggs. Then Gazala placed that sack with the other sack which was brought to distribute among beggars. Then Chahat and Niel teasing each other reach near the sacks. And suddenly Chahat says to Niel that she is feeling itching in her whole body did you have done something to me and in few seconds rashes were also visible on her arms, then thinking for few seconds Chahat says that I think there are eggs near her because she has an allergy from eggs and she was also able to catch the smell of eggs.

Episode ends….

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