Shakti 22th Sep : Ravi threatens to kill Shano

In the beginning of the episode, Preeto hands over the gun to Rohan, saying that if Soham tries to stop Heer from giving exams, then we have to use it.  Rohan says but how can we strike a gun on Soham.  Preeto says we must do this for Heer.  Preeto reminds him of how he has spent his whole life under the care of Heer.  So now they have to take this step for Heer.

There Soham tells Shano that he will not let Heer give the exam and if anyone comes between his motives, he will kill him. While Heer is studying and she sees Virat in her oom.  Heer realizes that Virat is not in her room and she is just imagining.  But still Virat’s words resonate in her ears and she sees him everywhere.

In the house of Virat, his family member doing preparations of sangeet function.  Virat’s sister says no one is excited about sangeet ceremony and it is too boring.  But then Heer, Preeto and Rohan come there.  Heer asks Virat why no one is dancing and says that as a friend, she will dance in the happiness of his marriage.  And she starts dancing.

Further, Virat tells Heer that he loves her and does not want to be without her.  Heer is shocked and says that this is cheating with Jharana and she tells him to stay away from her.  And start going from there.

Ravi is worried that Heer has an exam tomorrow and she has not come home yet.  And Soham says that he wants to go out of the house.  Harak feels that Soham definitely wants to do something wrong and he stops Soham from going out.

Shano taunts Ravi that her brother’s daughter is Kinnar and her daughter wasted all her life on a Kinnar.  Shano says that is why she feel relieved to see the destruction of Heer.

Ravi comes to Shano with a knife and puts it on her neck.  She says that her life is already ruined, then going to jail after killing her will not be a big deal for her.  Thus she warns Shano not to think of messing up with Heer.

On the other side, Heer is about to go home but  Virat holds her hand and asks her to think once again.  Heer says that she does not want to think about it and leaves.  Virat thinks that he will only marry Heer.  Episode end.


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