Shaadi Mubarak 22st September :Tarun insults Priyanka

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti says

In the beginning of the episode, Preeti tells KT that after 2 hours the service center people will come.  Preeti says till then we can do our work.  KT says absolutely and they start working.  KT then utters a romantic poem and Preeti panics.  She tells this thing to Kusum on the phone.  Kusum says KT is making this video for her.  Because she ask for it.  Preeti gets peace after listening.

There Priyanka is ready to give a presentation but Tarun stops her.  And tries to create problems for her.  While on the other side Rati comes to KT’s office to get a job.  And KT asks Preeti to interview everyone.  Preeti says how can she interview anyone but then she remembers Priyanka’s words and her confidence increases.

Further, Tarun insults Priyanka.  He tells everyone that Priyanka followed him and wanted to marry him.  But their class does not match, so he rejects her.  Everyone starts laughing at Priyanka.  Priyanka is unable to tolerate this insult and she escapes from there.

Rati meets KT and says that she has come here to get a job.  KT asks her to meet his partner because she is the one who interviews.  Rati goes to his partner’s cabin from there, as he says.  And there she is shocked to see Preeti.

Rati feels Preeti has come here to do the cleaning work.  And she taunts her.  And asks her to leave the office.  But then KT comes there and tells her that Preeti is his partner and co-owner of this company.  Rati gets shocked.

Rati remembers how Tarun used to say that Preeti is not of any use and only knows how to spend money.  Rati is still astonished and is surprised to see Preeti sitting on the head-chair. Episode end.

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