Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 September : A Shocker for the Goenkas

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik didn’t reach home and all were worried and trying to contact him again and again but they were not able to contact him. All sudden cops entered the house and said that Kartik’s car was found on the highway but he was missing from the place. all started panicking and request cops to find and bring Kartik home as soon as possible. In between Naira entered and started asking for Kartik but no one says her about that car incident, just make her calm down and ask her to relax Kartik has gone to bring some surprises for her, he will be back before afternoon.

But Naira questions them again and says that they are hiding something from me. That it’s impossible that Kartik cannot leave without netting her. All of sudden someone called out Naira form back, and when she turns she found 2 men standing with a big gift, after opening that she found a baby hanging, after seeing that she becomes happy. One of the delivery boys says that this order is 2 days back which was delayed due to some work. After listening to this Naira turned towards her family and asks them that what they are hiding from her and where is Kartik. Then dadi explains the whole story.

Then Naira and Akhil set out in the search of Kartik. First, they visit Krishna’s house, then after some time, miss Desai opens the door from where she gets to informed that Kartik has come but he left within half an hour. She also meets Krishna ask her that why she has called Kartik so many time, in reply to that Krishna explains that how she was stuck in a dark room whose gate was not opening so she called Kartik. Krishna says sorry to Naira for calling Kartik.

In return to that Niara says that it’s fine and hugged her while hugging Krishna speaks in her mind that she can’t tell the truth and why she is saying sorry to her again and again.

Episode ends….

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