Anupamma 27 May 2021 Written Update -Kavya invites everyone for her marriage with Vanraj

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh and Kavya come out of the court and Kavya informed Vanraj that she took a divorce from Anirudh. Vanraj gets shocked after listening about Kavya’s divorce. Anirudh said they are separated now and asked Vanraj not to do anything, whatever he did with Anupama. Vanraj asked Anirudh to mind his own business. Anirudh leaves from there. Kavya asked Vanraj to congratulate her and asked him to stay happy because they will going to marry soon.

Everyone comes to Anupama’s room, and Samar and Nandini bring snacks for everyone. Suddenly Dr. Advait arrived in Anupama’s room for drinking tea of Anupama’s hands. Kavya and Vanraj stopped at a sweet store to buy sweets for everyone. Samar asked Anupama to not to get afraid and said they all are still with her. Anupama said she need to do many things and she is not going to die too soon. Suddenly Vanraj and Kavya arrived in the resort.

Kavya called everyone out of Anupama’s room and feed sweets to everyone for her divorce. Kavya is too excited for her marriage, but Vanraj is not happy with this marriage. Kavya invites everyone to her marriage and asked Dr. Advait to look after every arrangement by himself. Toshu said to Samar and Pakhi that he never thought about step mother in real life. Samar said their life is getting changed soon. Vanraj is roaming here and there and thinking about everything. Kavya is dancing in the garden.

Anupama saw Kavya dancing and said Kavya is looking happy. Anupama come to meet Baa. Anupama asked Baa to talk to Vanraj and said Vanraj is looking sad. Baa said she can’t stop anything. Kavya shows their wedding dresses to Vanraj. Vanraj get angry after watching these dresses. Kavya asked Pakhi to take Vanraj’s wedding dress with her and leaves from there. Pakhi told Vanraj that she didn’t know how to react to this situation and leaves from there. Baa come to talk to Vanraj and said Vanraj should think before marrying to Kavya and said Kavya can’t handle everything like Anupama. Vanraj asked Baa to give a chance to Kavya. Baa said if he is not happy with this marriage then he can stop this marriage now and if he is happy then he should marry without listening about anything. Samar, Pakhi and Toshu informed Anupama that they don’t want to attend Vanraj’s wedding. Anupama asked all three of them to join their father’s marriage.

Episode end.

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