Anupamma 8 October : Kavya’s real face in front of Nandani

Kavya is happy at the beginning of the episode because she is going to get married to Vanraj and she thanks God for this. Vanraj and Anupama visit the temple. Anupama slips. But Vanraj saves her from falling.

While Samar says that the function will start soon, so he will choose Outfit with the help of Kinjal because the choice of Kinjal is good in these cases. Paritosh says that he will inform Kinjal about this. But Samar says that he will talk to Kinjal himself as they have to talk about other things as well. Jayesh tells Leela that they should also invite Nandni and Kavya as they are also a part of the family. While Nandni notices that Samar, Paritosh and Pakhi are talking about something. She asks them what they are talking about.

Samar says that this is a matter between him and his siblings, so why should he tell her. Mama ji teases Samar on this and says he knows everything. Samar says that they should focus on work instead of focusing on what is useless. Nandini goes to her home to get the furnishings. Leela talks about her marriage. Mama ji tells Jayesh that he is the great one who has endured Leela for so many years.

Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi think that they will organize a great function and give a good surprise to their parents.

Further, Kavya informs Vanraj that she has taken the marriage registration. And the same Nandni is shocked to see Mangalsutra and sindoor near Kavya and thinks what is she doing with it.

Vanraj tells Anupama that Anupama still sees Vanraj like she used to see earlier. Anupama says that because he is very handsome. She says that she is still a bit fat but Vanraj is still very fit and fine. Vanraj says that she is looking very beautiful today. Kavya sees the registration slip in Nandni’s hand and snatches it away.

When Nandni asks Kavya what is this all about, then Kavya reveals to Nandni that she and Vanraj are going to get married. Vanraj asks Anupama what Pakhi Samar and Paritosh will be giving them in surprise. Anupama says that she is happy thinking that she will get to live again at the moment of marriage.

Nandni asks does this mean that Anirudh was telling the truth. She asks does she not feel guilty while doing so. Kavya says Nandani also had a boyfriend. Nandani says but he was not married. Nandani taunts Kavya and says that Kavya is too selfish. Kavya gets angry and she slaps Nandni. Nandni says that she will inform this to Anupama. Kavya says Anupama will not be able to cope with such a big thing. Nandni says but she cannot remain silent. But when she sees Anupama’s happiness, she thinks of not saying anything. Nandni looks at Vanraj angrily. Episode end.

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